Vintage Harvesters

Harvest can be a
time of great and
unrelenting stress

bring it on...


Harvesting Equipment

Our fleet of harvesters is one of the largest fleets of harvesters in Marlborough, with nine harvesters including three of the newest series G8 Gregoire harvesters. Six of the machines have an onboard bin and a side boom conveyor to fill travelling trailers that tip directly into waiting bulk trucks. This is the most efficient harvesting system, especially ideal for larger blocks, or when the weather dictates that we need real harvesting power.

Three of our twin bin machines are equipped with de-stemming technology. The Cleantech Vario system incorporates a roller de-stemmer in conjunction with a rotary screen, which produces a very clean sample. We were pleased to be selected by Gregoire of France to help develop and trial this new technology and we have operated de-stemming machines over many harvests with very favourable comments from winemakers.

We utilise the latest real time GPS and ipad technology for tracking our harvesters and relaying job specifications to our drivers. Over the usually hectic five week harvest period excellent communication is essential and with on board radios for communication between the team in the field, cell phones and ipads, we have a very efficient system that can cope quickly when required.

Vintage Harvesters has the equipment and ability to ensure the efficient harvesting of your precious crop with: