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Harvest can be a
time of great and
unrelenting stress

bring it on...


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A successful harvest is the culmination of the grape grower’s year, all the time and effort spent growing the finest grapes is bought to fruition when the crop is delivered safely to the winery.

Harvest is a critical time of the season, it can be a time of great pressure and stress, as it is essential to harvest at exactly the right time to optimise fruit quality and flavour.

Mechanical harvesting utilises the most expensive equipment and requires the most skill, experience and organisational ability of any other vineyard operation. 

Vintage Harvesters Limited employs the most experienced team of harvester operators in Marlborough, many of the core staff have worked over 20 vintages. 

We are harvest professionals, we pride ourselves on our ability to organise and complete your harvest, we run two 12 hour shifts of experienced drivers, backed up with qualified support staff and our own team of engineers.